Warrior Day

At the last Leadership Laboratory the cadets got a valuable lesson in teamwork. The cadets formed up with their designated flights to compete against each other in what we call “Warrior Day”.  The competition was made up of various physical activities that required a combined effort within each flight to be the fastest at their challenges. It is important to note that these physical activities were designed to test the flights ability to work together.




The physical activities included log sit-ups, tire flips, buoy run, Jerrycan carries, log runs,  low crawls, tug of war, and multiple games of ultimate disk. In these circumstances the way the flights decided to come together as a team determine the outcomes of the challenges. For example, in the game of tug of war it is not the team that is made up of the strongest individuals that is destined to win, but the team that pulls in unison and, thus, musters the most strength in each pull that triumphs. This has been witnessed time and time again at our Detachment. The team that acts as one will no doubt have a the greatest chance in finishing as number one.

Warrior Day embodies the lesson that no one person can carry a team. Each individual of a team has their strengths. It is important for cadets to know the strengths of everyone on their team and utilizing them to create the best dynamic for their flights. We truly hope that the lessons regarding teamwork become embedded into the leadership characteristics of our cadets. As quoted by Robyn Benincasa, a world champion adventure racer, “You don’t inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are”. After witnessing Warrior Day, it seems that the cadets of Detachment 505 have a great handle on the meaning of teamwork.


Written by C/3C Casey and C/Capt Barnhorst

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