Small Unit Tactics and ROTC Life



We are more than half way done with the semester!

This week the cadets had a day off of physical training in preparation for another unique Leadership Laboratory opportunity for Air Force ROTC at Detachment 505. Partnering with Army ROTC cadets and joined by Air Force Junior ROTC cadets from Mayfield and Alamogordo High Schools, the cadets worked together to learn small unit tactics. At the end of the day, our detachment showed the JROTC cadets some of the things we do, including the results of Mustache March, passing out Red Ropes, and preforming the ceremony for a cadet who contracted that day. After the day was over several of our cadets left to go on a Joint Leadership Training Exercise with Army ROTC as their lower class-men receive hands on training to progress through their program.

We learned radio communication, how to do high and low crawls, fire squad formation and technique, and battle buddy tactics.

In the Air Force, Mustache March is a fun way to boost morale. The men grow out their mustaches and at the end of the month the best mustache wins.

Red Ropes is an independent student program in the detachment based on physical fitness. It is a higher intensity program that holds the expectation of a 95 or above on the Physical Fitness Evaluation. As we get closer to the end of the semester, the cadets who reached or exceeded the standards were given a rope this Thursday as a symbol of their achievement. This is not the end for them, they must continually hold these standards in order to wear the red ropes.

After the official ceremony one of our cadets was asked to repeat the ceremony later that day to give the Cadet Wing of Detachment 505 and the Junior Cadets to remind them of what they are working for. Many of the cadets at our detachment have already contracted and are in the Air Force Reserve until they graduate with their Bachelors and Commission as Officers in the United Sates Air Force. It is not mandatory to contract right away, many choose to contract after they make it through LEAD (Leadership Evaluation and Development, formerly known as Field Training). After LEAD, they change from GMC (General Military Course) status to POC (Professional Officer Course) as they continue through their Junior and Senior years. We are very proud of each and every cadet we have and look forward to each accomplishment they make.

We thank the Army cadets of Detachment 505 for helping make this Leadership Laboratory possible and the JROTC cadets of Mayfield and Alamogordo High Schools for joining us this week. We look forward to working together in the future!

Written by: Cadet Rachel Weatherby


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