Pass and Review, LEAD, and A-Mountain


Good Evening Pistoleros!!

Finishing up our second to last week and approaching finals week let’s reflect over everything that has been happening for the last couple weeks!

Week of April 10th: Pass and Review, Flyover, and the Joint Award Ceremony

“The tradition of parading the Troops can be traced back to the time of Alexander the Great. Drill procedures and movements on the parade field in the past were identical to the tactical maneuver employed on the battlefield at the time. The United States Army’s tradition of both reviews and parades began at Valley Forge. The parade was originally the working formation of the Army, and began and ended the day; reviews were for special occasions. The parade you will see today is a continuation of over two hundred and twenty five-year-old tradition and does not differ greatly from those practiced by Revolutionary War Soldiers. The presence of the band on the field represents the significant role that fife, drums, and other musical instruments have played throughout history for signaling in camp an on the battlefield.”

We also were lucky enough to have two vintage World War II aircraft execute a Flyover over Pass In Review formations! (Video below) The two aircraft are maintained by the War Eagles Air Museum, and are piloted by Floyd Draper and Dan Taylor. The Consolidated Vultee BT-13 B was the basic trainer flown by most American pilots in World War II while the North American T-6 Texan (also known as the AT-6F) was used as a trainer for pilots from World War II through the Vietnam War. These and other aircraft and artifacts are available for viewing at the War Eagles Museum in Santa Teresa, NM.

The ceremony was amazing, everyone looked sharp and were perfectly synchronized. Detachment 505, in all of its entirety was joined by Junior ROTC of Las Cruces High School instructed by Major Gary Stewart and by First Armored Division Marching Band from Fort Bliss. New Mexico State University’s President, Chancellor Gary Carruthers was the reviewing officer for the day’s ceremony. We had many other guests that day including, but not limited to, Brigadier General Eric Sanchez and his wife, Teresa; Command Sergeant Major William Maddox and his wife, Kelli; the Alumni Associations for both Army and Air Force ROTC; Mr. Joe Martinez from the office of Congressman Steve Pearce; Ms. Marybeth Reinhart and the Bataan Foundation; Scottish Rite of New Mexico; The Chili Chapter; New Mexico Veterans Affairs; the Military Officers Association of America Mesilla Chapter; and the Reserve Officers Association.  

After the ceremony was finished the Detachment took time to recognize the achievements of their cadets.We thank everyone for coming out that day and making this annual event more memorable.



Week of April 17th: The FINAL PFA and LEAD Max dates


The last Physical Fitness Assessment of the semester! Everyone did AMAZING. Our Lead Candidates max dates came out that day as well and came with a slew of funny statements like:


“You have been assigned your MAX date…but I’m not going to tell you until class today!” – Captain Greensfelder

“We know our max dates everybody freak out!” – Cadet


All funniness aside, this is very important news for our LEAD candidates (Leadership Evaluation and Development formally known as Field Training). It is the next step towards becoming an officer. The first max for our cadets starts May 18th and the last max ends August 7th. We wish them the best of luck as they transform over the summer and we look forward to seeing them as POC were they will finish their last two years of ROTC.


Week of April 24th: A-MOUNTAIN

Monday was “Bring a Friend to PT” day. They ran the stadium and competed all morning.
This week we ran our memorable A-Mountain 9 mile run. They day started at 1435 and ended at 1815. At the top we watched as Lieutenant Colonel Klomp Announced who the next Wing Commander for next semester and Cadet Colonel Rodela passed on Detachment 505’s flag off to Cadet Second Lieutenant Helton.

Written by: Cadet Third Class Rachel Weatherby

To see the Pass and Review follow this link

To see the flyover watch the video below.



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