New Cadet Orientation

Download (PDF, 484KB)

Each semester we host an optional, voluntary new cadet orientation, giving new cadets and parents a chance to meet the AFROTC cadre, staff and other cadets in the cadet corps. You can ask any questions that haven’t already been addressed and you will be provided with detailed instructions about our requirements and standards of personal conduct. Parents are welcome to come to the Q&A portion of the morning but not required. There are several forms that we will also go through and ask you to sign stating that you understand our policies and that you meet the eligibility requirements to become an Air Force Officer. Additionally, please download the above New Cadet Welcome Packet for details on Orientation, the program, and your first day of Air Force ROTC.

Date: Monday, 15 January 2018 from 8am-4pm

Anticipated Location: The Business Complex is located near our building on the Horseshoe, but if you have trouble finding it, just stop by the AFROTC office in Young Hall and you can walk across with us (it’s practically next door) or give us a call at 575-646-2136.

 Items to Bring if you Attend

Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Selective Service Number (18+ year old males only)
ACT/SAT scores (online printout is ok)
Any previous college transcripts
If you attended High School JROTC bring your certificate of completion
or High School transcript
Any Civil Air Patrol or Eagle Scout awards
If you ever received a Dept of Defense DODMERB exam, bring the results
(For many of you, this DODMERB exam will be not applicable if you’ve never
applied to a service academy or if you were never in the military)


I don’t have some/any of the items above, what do I do?

Missing some of the above items will delay your inprocessing in becoming a cadet. It is in your best interest to ensure all material required is present on the day of the New Student Orientation (Aug 15). If you are missing items, you will not be considered a cadet until all items are turned in. This means you cannot engage in PT with us. The sooner you have all materials submitted, the faster we can make you part of our team!