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NMSU Nursing Degree Plan

NMSU ROTC typically ONLY allows for a 5-year degree plan for Nursing majors due to the demands and course loads, which justifies the “one semester for error” rule.

  • 4 Semesters of Prerequisite Classes
  • 5 Semesters of Nursing Classes
  • 1 Semester for “error” allowed in AFROTC Nursing Track (not encouraged)

Applying to NMSU Nursing School

After 4 successful semesters at NMSU, you must meet the following criteria to be competitive for entrance into the NMSU Nursing School:

  • Achieve a grade of “C” or better in each nursing pre-requisite
  • Achieve a competitive minimum prerequisite GPA of 2.75 (including grades earned from all other college classes)
  • Applicants will be considered for admission during the semester in which they anticipate completing the prerequisite program. In other words, if you anticipate completing the pre-req program in the spring semester, you will be considered for admission during that spring semester
    • Fall semester applicants may NOT finish classes during the preceding summer
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Fall admission into Nursing School: February 1st
    • Spring admission into Nursing School: September 1st
  • Those candidates with the highest GPAs in required prerequisite coursework will be given priority
  • Pass a drug test, background check, TB test, blood/immunization titers, become AHA CPR certified

Entrance HESI Exam

The Entrance HESI Exam will be taken prior to applying for NMSU’s Nursing school. Statistically, approximately 50% of all applicants gain admission into NMSU Nursing School. The HESI exam carries more weight than GPA, but you must ensure your GPA is competitive before the selection board looks at your HESI scores.

The Entrance HESI Exam is part of the application process for applying to nursing school.

The average Entrance-HESI Exam score, for those admitted, is 90%

Nursing School – Remaining in the Program and Statistics

Once entered in to Nursing School, the typical attrition rate is less than 10%. This is mainly due to the fact that all nurse-hopefuls are in the program due to their high level of intellect, hard work, and dedication to become a nurse.

The Grading Scale:

  • 76-83.9: C
  • 84-91.9: B
  • 92-100: A

If a nurse-hopeful fails more than one Nursing class, he/she is automatically disenrolled from the program. Classes taken from other institutions that are also included in the Nursing program can count towards Nursing School credit, provided the student has obtained an acceptable grade in the class.

Exiting Nursing School – Exit HESI and Capstone

After enrolling and spending some time in the Capstone Class, you will be administered the Exit HESI exam. If you do not pass the Exit HESI, you will be automatically withdrawn from the course.

NCLEX, the Final Nursing Exam

Within 1 month of your expected graduation date, you will register for the NCLEX with the state of your residence (normally NM or TX). The state will determine if you are eligible to take the NCLEX exam. In some cases, you may take the exam up to 4 weeks after graduation from all degree requirements. In the meantime, you are awaiting your Authorization to Test (ATT) from the board of your state (NM or TX) after receiving your transcripts. In this case, you will be considered an AS900-level cadet, which are classified as cadets who have completed all degree requirements, but are awaiting other results to gain a commission. In this case, you are awaiting NCLEX results.

If you pass the NCLEX, you will be classified as an Air Force Nurse and will begin training, normally, within 6 months after commissioning. If you fail the NCLEX twice, the Air Force will reclassify you to another Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) which is your job classification. This will be based upon your academic achievement, physical fitness, commander’s ranking, etc.

Nursing Transition Program (NTP) – After Commissioning/NCLEX

Once you pass the NCLEX and commission in the US Air Force, your first duty assignment will be at a nursing transition program (NTP) location for several weeks. More information on this program can be found HERE!