Lead Lab 5 complete! We had a guest speaker, Vietnam Veteran Mr. Navarro, who spoke about hard work and his experience as a PJ (pararescueman) in the U.S. Air Force. Cadets had the opportunity to ask questions and learn from a veteran who chose to work very hard and be a part of something bigger…
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Anti-terrorism Awareness

During Leadership Laboratory 04 the cadets learned about espionage, sabotage, subversion, and terrorism. The lessons regarding these topics were meant to bring awareness to some of the ways that classified information about the United States is compromised. Some of the main points covered in this class was the identification of the people who are committing…
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GLPs and Dorm Maintenance

              Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) 03 was an important one for both 100s and 200/250s. The 100s spent this lead lab doing Group Leadership Problems (GLPs). From their experience, some of the GLPs seemed impossible! They had to learn to work together as a team, and to listen to their…
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      Last week the cadets got a valuable lesson about commitment from our very own Master Sergeant Matney. He started off by posing simple question to the cadets; what does commitment mean? As each cadet gave their rendition of what commitment was, it became very clear that commitment meant something different for everyone….
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Welcome Back!

        Cadets have just completed their first week back to school following the holiday break. This week consisted not only of new classes but the first Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) of the semester. We hope everyone has gotten back into their routine and is well prepared for a semester of hard work and…
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Pass and Review, LEAD, and A-Mountain

  Good Evening Pistoleros!! Finishing up our second to last week and approaching finals week let’s reflect over everything that has been happening for the last couple weeks! Week of April 10th: Pass and Review, Flyover, and the Joint Award Ceremony “The tradition of parading the Troops can be traced back to the time of…
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Trips to Fort Bliss

  We are almost done with the semester! Since last week our Air Force cadets from Detachment 505 took two different trips to Fort Bliss in El Paso. The first trip was over the weekend and some of our cadets played the opposition force or the “bad guys” for JLTX (Joint Leadership Training Exercise) as…
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Small Unit Tactics and ROTC Life

    We are more than half way done with the semester! This week the cadets had a day off of physical training in preparation for another unique Leadership Laboratory opportunity for Air Force ROTC at Detachment 505. Partnering with Army ROTC cadets and joined by Air Force Junior ROTC cadets from Mayfield and Alamogordo…
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Helicopters, SABCs, and More

We end our ninth week of ROTC for the semester the cadets continue to learn and grow. This week a special operations Colonel stopped by, the cadets showed their skills with SABCs during their weekly leadership laboratory, and our Blue Knights performed reveille at 0700 this morning. Thursday morning special a operations Colonel stopped by…
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GMC Takeover

Tonight marks the end of GMC Takeover. GMC (General Military Course) Takeover is a week where the second years learn what it is like to run the Detachment. They plan, coordinate, and keep the discipline. It is also the greatest week of the year for the upperclassmen to mess around. Their games are serious though, they…
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