GLPs and Dorm Maintenance

              Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) 03 was an important one for both 100s and 200/250s. The 100s spent this lead lab doing Group Leadership Problems (GLPs). From their experience, some of the GLPs seemed impossible! They had to learn to work together as a team, and to listen to their leader all while a POC stood by to assess their leadership and teamwork abilities. For the new 100s, this may have been one of the more difficult but also exciting activities thus far. As for those 100s who have been here since the fall semester, it was a chance to reassess their own leadership and followership skills.

            The LLAB activities for the 200/250s were separate from the 100s this time. Because 200/250s are in their last semester of preparation for field training, they are learning some skills that will be necessary for success. Some members of the POC showed the GMC how to properly fold PT shirts, PT shorts, socks, shine shoes properly, and how to make their bed at field training. All of this information was taken to practice by the GMC along with some small competition between who could fold quickest and with the best quality. 200s and 250s must take these skills and practice them to be prepared to do them quickly and efficiently at field training.

            All GMC are working very hard to be disciplined and prepared for LLAB every week. Each week is different. Some are more stressful than others, but it is all a learning experience and for preparation to become leaders. Continue to push yourselves, strive for excellence, and be a wingman for each other. We are all part of the same team, and are all working toward common goals, to one day serve as officers in the greatest military in the world. Good luck and remember, INTEGRITY FIRST, SERVICE BEFORE SELF, EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO. HOOAH!

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