Career Day

Lead Lab 7 came and went, leaving cadets saturated with new information about many different AFSCs (Air Force Specialty Codes, a.k.a. career fields.) Career day featured officers of many different fields, including but not limited to; personnel, logistics, contracting, security forces, OSI, engineers, various pilots, and Air Liaison Officers. Cadets were given the chance to ask questions and speak with officers who are working in their field of interest.

This Lead Lab was important because it allowed cadets to network and possibly set up shadowing opportunities, learn that maybe they want to do something different than they originally thought, or even narrow in their career goals in the Air Force. All cadets, both GMC and POC, took advantage of the opportunity to talk to those who are actively serving our country. This was a great learning opportunity and was held in a more “locked off” academic setting.

Every week, cadets learn, grow, and excel more than the last. With this opportunity to meet our nation’s leaders, cadets got a real taste of not only their career choices, but the leadership possibilities and challenges that come with them.

“Leadership is intangible; therefore, no weapon ever designed can replace it.”

           -General Omar N. Bradley


Written by C/3CSalvatti and C/Capt Barnhorst


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