Anti-terrorism Awareness

During Leadership Laboratory 04 the cadets learned about espionage, sabotage, subversion, and terrorism. The lessons regarding these topics were meant to bring awareness to some of the ways that classified information about the United States is compromised. Some of the main points covered in this class was the identification of the people who are committing these crimes, what cadets should be on the look out for, and how to report any suspicious incidents.

During the class numerous reports were mentioned of individuals within the United States working with or attempting to work with other countries who want classified information. It seems that the individuals who are a part of these acts could be anyone. However, there were some consistencies in the type of people who are a part of these crimes. Some of the characteristics of these people are radical views against the United States, extreme dedication to counties outside of the United States, and a motivation for money. These type of people may not be obvious to spot, but there are ways that these individuals give themselves away.

The things cadets should look out for are people asking for information about the organization that they are a part of. This could be in the form of asking for routines that the cadets abide by or wanting knowledge on the dates and times of future AFROTC events. Cadets should make an effort to see if anyone suspicious is watching the Detachment area. Lastly, cadets need to understand that the people who want to commit these crimes may try to befriend to gain access to sensitive information or even blackmail cadets for the information.


In the event that such situations arise, cadets are to remain non-committed. They are asked to be aware of details regarding that specific event. These include details about the place, people, license plate number, and the conversation that took place. Cadets are urged not to try to be their own detectives for their own safety. Most importantly, they should to report the incident as soon as possible. Cadets can call anyone within their chain of command, the police, 1-800-CALL-SPY, or they can go online and make an iSLUTE report. All of these places will be sure to direct the information in the right place in order to make sure that it is handled correctly.

At Lead Lab 04 we also celebrated the Lieutenant Colonel Klomp’s birthday. It was a great time with plenty of cake.


Written by C/3C Casey and C/Capt Barnhorst

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