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Welcome alumni to the NMSU AFROTC Alumni Group!  Thanks for staying connected to YOUR detachment.

Just like when you were going through the program, Detachment 505 continues to produce high quality Air and Space Force leaders. There are many opportunities for alumni, including guest speaker engagements and mentoring those interested in your career field.

Often we have folks approach us wanting to make a donation to help fund NMSU AFROTC scholarships for current students.  Under the Joint Ethics Regulation and Holm Center guidance, we are not authorized to solicit donations. However, if you represent an organization independent of the Air Force and would like to sponsor us for an event/scholarship/etc on that company’s behalf, please contact the NMSU Foundation at (575) 646-1613 or (800) 342-6678 for assistance in ensuring the donations are handled correctly!


Registering for Access to the Alumni Group

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Please complete this form before we grant you access to our Alumni page. We value the personal data of our Alumni, and we only want fellow Alumni viewing these pages. Once we verify that you are an alumni we will create an account for you and the login information will be sent to the supplied email address. You will then be able to sign in and access the Alumni Dashboard. 

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Advantages of Being Active in the Alumni Group

  • Become involved with the Cadets and Cadre as a mentor/sponsor. This is YOUR chance to leave a legacy!
  • Be a source of information for career development
  • Participate in cadet training, social events, parades, graduation, etc.
  • Aid, where possible, the transition of new 2d Lts to their first duty station
  • Reconnect with former classmates